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A must have accessory in the workplace...Pros know!



3rdHand is a low-cost temporary trigger lock designed to reduce hand fatigue and increase productivity when using various gun triggered equipment including surface cleaners and telescopic wands up to 4000 p.s.i. 

Thanks for visiting "3rdHand". This safety accessory was developed by a professional for professionals. There are no safe alternatives to combat and reduce hand fatigue when operating the various gun triggered equipment in the cleaning industry. Vincent Garnett discovered a safe method to temporarily engage gun triggers other than using tie straps, wire, tape and the infamous tennis ball. Not only is it unprofessional, but also unsafe in the workplace. This handy tool has improved the working activities of many users!

Image showing example of hand stress, possible carpal tunnel syndrome.

Repetitive use injuries, short- and long-term hand fatigue and eventually Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) are the ending results when using the important yet fatiguing tools of the pressure cleaning industry.

3rdHand accessory being used with a surface cleaner


"My guys are behind   surface cleaners for hours at a time 3rdHand helps"                   Jim H.                          amusement park          supervisor   

3rdHand accessory being used with a cleaning gun

   "We have sold 1,000s of         these units in our store"                    John C.                         pressure cleaning


"Has greatly helped our employees with          hand stress."  

           Bill S.

     stadium safety             coordinator

Ad for 3rdHand showing how the custom wedge lock is installed and the benefits of using 3rdHand
Side profile of 3rdHand wedge lock installed under pressure cleaning gun. this action assists the user in reducing fatigue.

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